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Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space During Winter

Are you looking for ideas to warm your outdoor space during winter? Most people prefer to stay indoors during this season. but as temperatures in many parts of Australia including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane range between 10 and 12 degrees in the winter months you can spend longer in your outdoor space just by following our helpful tips!

1. An outdoor fireplace

A fireplace is a great place to bond with your family or relax as your read your favourite book on a cold day or night. Now you can have the same comfort you get from an indoor fire in your backyard. An outdoor fireplace in Melbourne will draw your family outside even on a cold weather.

Outdoor fireplaces come in different designs and sizes. Consider the size of your outdoor space and other features in your space when choosing the size and design of an outdoor fireplace. Consider the safety of your family as well when choosing the location of the fireplace.

2. A BBQ fireplace

An outdoor BBQ fireplace is another way of warming your outdoor during winter. The advantage of BBQ fireplaces over the ordinary fireplace is that you can prepare a meal as you enjoy the warmth. A BBQ fireplace means you can cook and enjoy a meal with your family and friends outdoors. If you live in Brisbane or any other part of Australia, you can order for BBQ fireplace from the Riverlea Group.

Choose a stylish design for an outdoor BBQ fireplace in your Brisbane home to add to the beauty of your outdoor space. Remember that the fireplace will remain in your backyard even after the cold season is over so it is important to get the best design that suits the landscape and theme in your garden.

3. Chiminea pizza oven

You do not have to grill meat outdoors everyday. You can prepare and enjoy a pizza as a family or with your friends in your backyard. Having an outdoor oven shifts your kitchen from indoors to outdoors. Chiminea pizza ovens are in different designs and made of different materials. Choose a Chiminea pizza oven from Sydney for your home. It will not only add  warmth in your outdoor space but also create an ambience especially in a cold night.

4. Portable outdoor fire pit

The advantage of portable fire pits is that you can place them in any safe place in your outdoor space. They are also excellent if you have limited space in your yard.

Don't let the cold weather keep you indoors all day and night. Riverlea Group Australia supplies the best outdoor products including outdoor fireplace in Melbourne, chiminea pizza oven in Sydney and outdoor BBQ fireplaces in Brisbane. Visit Riverlea’s website www.riverleagroup.com.au today for more outdoor garden furniture ideas and the best products on the market.

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